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The Wind This Yahoo Widget displays the current wind conditions for a selected Australian location
Size: 41 KB
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Yahoo Widget speed wind wind speed condition wind direction  
Wind Type Malayalam words or convert English words into Malayalam.
Size: 794K
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world wind wind chill wind wind meter wind speed wind data  
G-Wind An AIR-based web browser with a Google search bar
Size: 351 KB
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searcher Browser browse Web Browser tabbed browser  
World Wind Visit virtually any place in the world.
Size: 15.98MB
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visit visit Iceland dentist visit visit the dentist  
Wings of Wind Build the collection by catching butterflies
Size: 1000 KB
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Wind Flower A flower theme for your desktop.
Size: 528 KB
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enhance enhancement desktop enhance desktop nature theme  

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Advanced Wind Chill Calculator Quickly calculate the wind chill value using the Advanced Wind Chill Calculator utility
Size: 397 KB
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calculate world wind wind chill temperature calculator  
WindFox Firefox add-on that displays current wind & weather data for your favorite surfspot in the firefox status bar
Size: 64 KB
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Weather Firefox extension wind firefox add-on wind data  
BetterWind This 3D Studio Max modifier is a slightly updated version of the standard wind mofifier that ships with max.
Size: 79 KB
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modifier 3D Studio MAX wind max path size Max Chat  
Smoke Living Model Special Effect Plug-in The smoke special effect adds more realism to any 3DLinX environment
Size: 10.7 MB
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scene realism wind rate special effect visual realism  
Sunset on Jetty Screensaver A screensaver meant to be admired and to overwhelm you with its greatness.
Size: 1.9 MB
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screensaver sunset wind sun screensaver sunset screensaver  
Spirits On The Wind Spirits On The Wind is screensaver which presents itself as a tribute to the Native American West
Size: 2.4 MB
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song wind american screensaver Wind Spirit Songs Of Praise  

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Wind Average Calculation The wind Average Calculation application was designed to simulate changing wind-conditions and displays in an intuitive way different methods of calculating wind averages. With the Wind Average Calcul...
Size: 852 KB
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calculator world wind wind chill wind wind meter wind speed  
MindChimes for Windows Wind speed and volume controls! MindChimes is a wind chimes program by a classical musician. The chime quality and wind patterns are beautiful, realistic, and natural. MindChimes was programmed by a ...
Size: 2.61MB
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quick heal antivirus windows 2007 for windows  
Wind Gage Exerciser Wind Gage Exerciser is a simple and easy-to-use instrument that displays a Weather Vane on your desktop. Wind Gage Exerciser allows you to choose a random movement of the needle or set the wind angle ...
Size: 1 KB
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Weather wind angle wind instrument  
World Wind Java SDK With World wind Java SDK, developers can embed World Wind technology in their own applications. World Wind Java SDK contains all the necessary files to get you started in implementing World Wind techn...
Size: 21.4 MB
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SDK world wind Virtual Earth developers kit World Wind SDK  
Wind Vector Diagram The wind Vector Diagram program allows the user to look at how the balance of forces change the lowest 1km of the atmosphere. Forces are represented on a vector diagram. The primary objective of the W...
Size: 1 KB
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diagram vector wind wind speed  
Beaufort Wind Scale The Beaufort wind Scale application was developed to be a small program that can be used as a convertor for finding the wind speed in either mph, knots, metres per sec or Beaufort Scale. It also inclu...
Size: 264 KB
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calculator speed calculator wind wind speed scale